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Blood Bag Blow Extruded Film

Blood Bag

৳ 90.00 ৳ 120.00

NTI Blood Bag are made in china are suitable for blood collection (autologous blood donation) and for storage of various blood products (platelet concentrates).

They are made of Medical grade materials (safety tested), which is PVC with particularly thin walls for high permeability to oxygen and carbon dioxide

They come in aluminum foil bag/carton and have ISO standard Quality

26% OFF

Hot Water Bag With Fabric cover

Hot Water Bag

৳ 140.00 ৳ 190.00

Cute, cozy and warm, Enjoy some thermotherapy and ease the stresses of a busy day with a soothing hot water bottle. This large hot water bottle has a soft knitted cover with embroidered beautiful design on the front. Great for cuddling and for some warm comfort on a cold night!

The removable knitted cover has a ribbed turtle neck open top giving you easy access for filling.

Includes a natural rubber 2 Liter capacity bottle.

20% OFF

NTI Suction Tube

Suction Tube

৳ 8.00 ৳ 10.00

NTI Suction Tube A suction catheter is a medical device that helps to remove body secretions like saliva, mucus from the airway.


50% OFF

NTI Infusion Set

Infusion Set

৳ 20.00 ৳ 40.00

Buy infusion set with best price in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The purpose of an infusion set is to deliver insulin under the skin or fulfilling similar functions.

NTI Infusion Set is used with devices such as an insulin pump. The purpose of this infusion set is to deliver insulin under the skin, fulfilling a similar function like an intravenous line.

Digital Body Weight Machine - Metal

Weight Machine

৳ 1700.00

NIT Digital Weight machine comes with room temparature indicator.

Max Capacity: 180 kg

Digital Body Weight Machine - Glass Tempered

Weight Machine

৳ 1200.00

NTI Glass tempered Digital Body Weight Machine , has Weight range 2.5 to 180 kg with 1 (one) year warranty.

Warranty : 1 (one) year

31% OFF

Oxygen Mask (Child and Adult)


৳ 45.00 ৳ 65.00

Oxygen masks are used to transport oxygen from tank to the lungs, and they cover the full face.

NTI Oxygen Masks - Buy Online at Best Price in Bangladesh

25% OFF

Nebulizer Mask - Child & Adult


৳ 60.00 ৳ 80.00

Nebulizer Mask It is normally kept on the face with a rubber band and covering the lips and nose.

5% OFF

Foley Balloon Catheter


৳ 38.00 ৳ 40.00

In urology, a Foley catheter is a flexible tube that a clinician passes through the urethra and into the bladder to drain urine.

It is the most common type of indwelling urinary catheter. The tube has two separated channels, or lumens, running down its length.

Urine Bags - 10 Pcs


৳ 200.00

Hard Head Digital thermometer is a kid friendly Compact and accurate digital thermometer which is designed for oral, axillary and rectal use.

6% OFF

Hard Head Digital Thermometer


৳ 80.00 ৳ 85.00

Compact and accurate digital thermometer Designed for oral, axillary and rectal use Supplied with a 1.5V button battery Features a 60 second response time

32% OFF

NTI Nebulizer Machine


৳ 1300.00 ৳ 1900.00

The NTI nippon is designed for all ages people and Japan technology assemble which A helpful portable vaporizer, designed for transform liquid to mists quickly.

NTI High speed compressor nebulizer is very good to reduce asthma instantly in the form of a mist so it can be inhaled.

Brand: NTI

Buy Compressor Nebulizer Machine at Low Price in Dhaka from NTI-BD.

NTI Twist Lancet - 30G - 5 box


৳ 350.00

NTI Blood

Twist blood lancet 30 Ga

100 pcs in a box

29% OFF

NTI Alcohol Pads-5 box

Alcohol Pad

৳ 50.00 ৳ 70.00

The NTI Alcohol Prep Pads Sterile Universal Wet Wipes Cleanser for Skin, Nail, Computer, Mobile Phone, Digital Camera, Notebook, doorlock, lift button. Buy Alcohol Pads Online at Best Price in Bangladesh | NTI

29% OFF

Electric Hot Water bag

Hot Water Bag

৳ 250.00 ৳ 350.00

Electric Hot Water bag is used to provide warmth to a specific part of the body.

Brand: NTI

33% OFF

NTI Blood Glucose Monitoring System - Non Coding | BGM-202


৳ 999.00 ৳ 1499.00

NTI Non coding Glucose Monitor Machine BG-202 is easy to use glucose monitoring system which is intended as an aid to monitor and control blood glucose levels

Brand: NTI

33% OFF

NTI Blood Glucose Monitoring System | BGM-208


৳ 999.00 ৳ 1499.00

NTI Blood glucose monitoring system is intended as an aid to monitor and control blood glucose levels. With a mega memory of 360 measurement results blood glucose management is made easy

Brand: NTI

13% OFF

NTI Blood Glucose Test Strips


৳ 350.00 ৳ 400.00

Buy Blood Glucose Test Strips at Best Price Dhaka from NTI

High-performance testing and clinical accuracy can also be affordable. NTI test strips, featuring patented technology, have proven clinical accuracy and, now, are more affordable than many other brands. Most importantly, they make testing easy - 98% of patients rated testing procedure with NTI strips "easy" or "very easy.

Brand: NTI

30% OFF

NTI Blood transfusion Set

Blood Transfusion Set

৳ 35.00 ৳ 50.00

NTI Transfusion sets are used for intravascular, gravity-controlled transfusion of blood or blood components.

NTIBD is one of the best blood transfusions set parts suppliers in Bangladesh.

26% OFF

NTI Blood Bag- Roll Film

Blood Bag

৳ 100.00 ৳ 135.00

NTI Roll Film Blood Bag, Origin country - India, are Medical grade materials (safety tested). Comes in aluminum foil bag/carton.

22% OFF

Blood Pressure Monitor Arm Type (BPUA200)

BP Machine

৳ 1800.00 ৳ 2300.00

NTI digital blood pressure Monitor (BPUA200) which is made in japan has Intelligent Automatic measurement, WHO classification Indicator, Clear light button, Large and clear LCD display, Memory can be stored 90 days data, Date/time function display. It Comes with 1 year warranty.


20% OFF

NTI Wrist BP Monitor | BPM_BPRT1002

BP Machine

৳ 1599.00 ৳ 1999.00

NTI Wrist BP Monitor has Intelligent Automatic Measurement, WHO Classification indicator, Large and clear LCD display, Memory can store 90 measurement, Date/time function display


Warranty: 1 (one) year

25% OFF

Analogue Blood Pressure Machine (ALPK2)

BP Machine

৳ 1200.00 ৳ 1600.00

Durable Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with Stethoscope is largely used BP Machine In hospitals and Clinic. Our Analogue Blood Pressure Monitor is good quality and Durable.

Brand: NTI