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Blood Bag

Medical disposable blood bag supplier all over the world both locally and internationally. The medical equipment specialist for your professional purchases.

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Blood Bag Blow Extruded Film

Blood Bag

৳ 120.00

NTI Blood Bag are made in china are suitable for blood collection (autologous blood donation) and for storage of various blood products (platelet concentrates).

They are made of Medical grade materials (safety tested), which is PVC with particularly thin walls for high permeability to oxygen and carbon dioxide

They come in aluminum foil bag/carton and have ISO standard Quality.

For wholesale price contact: 01841777904

7% OFF

NTI Blood Bag- Roll Film

Blood Bag

৳ 140.00 ৳ 150.00

NTI Roll Film Blood Bag, Origin country - India, are Medical grade materials (safety tested). Comes in an aluminum foil bag/carton.

For wholesale price contact: 01841777904