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NTI Nasal Cannula

A nasal cannula is a medical device commonly used in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and home settings to provide respiratory support for patients who need supplemental oxygen. The device features lightweight, flexible tubing placed over the patient's ears with the other end connected to an oxygen source. A small, soft prong at each nasal opening softly delivers the much-needed oxygen into the nostrils.

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Category: Suction Tube

We will discuss the benefits and applications of a nasal cannula for respiratory support.

Comfort and Convenience

One of the primary benefits of using a nasal cannula is its comfort and convenience. Designed to fit snugly near the patient's nostrils without obstructing their mouth, nasal cannulas allow patients to communicate, drink, and eat without hassle while receiving supplemental oxygen. The device is virtually painless and comfortable to wear throughout your day-to-day routine or even during sleep.

Quick Application

Another advantage of nasal cannulas is their ease of application. Healthcare professionals attach the device quickly during emergencies or routine procedures. The speedy setup provides rapid initiation of oxygen therapy crucial when time is of the essence.

Oxygenation Levels

The maximum flow rates for a nasal cannula usually range from 1 to 6 liters per minute (LPM), providing oxygen concentrations of approximately 24% to 44%. The simplicity of adjusting flow rates grants healthcare professionals flexibility in providing effective oxygen therapy tailored to each patient's unique needs.

Humidification Options

Some patients may experience dryness and irritation with prolonged use of supplemental oxygen; however, several humidification options can help alleviate such discomfort. Heated high-flow systems or bubble humidifiers can be attached to an oxygen source, providing humidity that eases mild irritation and soreness associated with long-term use.

Homecare Applications

Given its ease of use and non-invasive nature, nasal cannulas are popular among patients requiring long-term oxygen therapy at home. The device allows patients to maintain their independence and mobility while receiving necessary oxygen support daily. Many portable concentrators eliminate the need for cumbersome oxygen tanks, further enhancing patient freedom.

Monitoring Oxygen Levels

The compatibility of nasal cannulas with oximeters facilitates monitoring and maintains optimal oxygenation levels. The adjustment of flow rates becomes easier, ensuring the effectiveness of oxygen therapy while minimizing potential complications.

In conclusion, a nasal cannula is a widely-used respiratory support device that offers comfort, convenience, and flexibility. Appreciated by patients and healthcare professionals alike, nasal cannula stands as a valuable solution in providing effective supplemental oxygen therapy. With continuous advancements in the field of respiratory care, nasal cannulas are continually evolving to cater better to patients' needs.

Brand: NTI

Country of Origin: China

Pack: 1 Count (Pack of 50)

Special Feature: Lightweight

Reusability: Reusable

Size: ‎ unisex-Child-Adult

Color: Light Blue

Connector type: Standard connector only

Level of softness: Soft and flexible tubing material

Airflow: Adult liter flow 1LPM to 6LPM

About this item:

1. NTI super soft cannula reduces pressure on the face and ears

2. Comfortable, curved, non-flared nasal prongs

3. Universal connection type fits all oxygen sources

4. Includes 7 feet of crush-resistant tubing

5. Does not contain natural rubber latex; 50 cannulas per pack

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