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Electric Hot Water Bag Price in Dhaka | NTIBD

Posted by : admin / On : 2022-06-02 08:00:18 / In : Hot Water Bag

Electric Hot Water Bag Price in Dhaka | NTIBD

Electric Hot Water Bag Pain Remover

A hot water bag is a fundamental heating device that serves as a natural method of pain relief and keeping the body warm. It is commonly made of rubber, along with a plastic composite material.

A hot water bag is a simple appliance that employs the principle of delivering heat to a local region in the body to lessen pain.

The mechanism by which it quells discomfort involves decreasing stiffness in the body, swelling in the bones, muscles, joints, tissues in the vicinity, improving blood circulation to the cells in those zones and generating warmth in the area where it's needed.

Types Of Hot Water Bags in Dhaka

There are two types of hot water bags manufactured nowadays and commercially available. These are rubber hot water bags and electric hot water bags.

Rubber Hot Water Bags

This is the old kind of hot water bag made out of rubber material that is heat-resistant and also waterproof to a good extent. Also known as non-electric hot water bags, these hot water bags are rectangular in shape, with a tough ribbed exterior and have a tight stopper at the top center, to seal the container firmly after filling it with hot water.

NTI Electric Hot Water Bags

An electric hot water bag is an advanced version of the original rubber hot water bag. It is very convenient to use for being already filled with water or expandable gel. Both rubber hot water bags and electric hot water bags come in a regular size that is ideal for use at home or in an office, as well as a small size that is compact and portable for travel purposes.

Benefits of Using a Electric Hot Water bag

  1. Relief from back pain
  2. Helps to relieve muscle pain
  3. Electric hot water bag will keep the bed warm in cold nights
  4. Applicable in neck pain
  5. Relieve stress and anxiety
  6. Usable in the car
  7. Helps in menstrual cramps
  8. Reduce the pregnancy discomfort
  9. Can be used for both ear and toothaches
  10. Subside headache and migraine

Electric Hot Water Bag Brings Great Comfort in Our Life

An electric hot water bag is a basic device necessary for every household. It is also a cheap, simple, inexpensive tool that is available in NTIBD Dhaka. An electric hot water bag performs many useful roles and works well to relieve body pain and induce warmth in times of cold weather.

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